If you’re considering placing an order, please email us on supreme.malawi@outlook.com and we’ll happily assist you.

Supreme is a sustainable social enterprise. All our products are professionally made in our work space in Malawi. We make a point of supporting the local economy and provide real employment with proper working conditions in a stimulating work environment.

Our focus lies on impact: 100% of our profit is reinvested in the community and the company. 

By providing women and girls access to a safe and affordable solution for their menstruation they are empowered to go to school or work with dignity and pride. Through the power of education we aim to break down the social restrictions and empower women and girls with information on safe menstrual practices. 

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We have provided thousands of girls and women with access to safe sanitary products and education on menstrual hygiene.

Our reusable sanitary pads are easy to use, comfortable and reliable. Locally produced, lasting up to 24 months.

A waterproof layer protects the user from leakages.



We are a social business, determined to provide all Malawian women access to affordable sanitary products.