How Can I Help?

You don't need to quit your job, spend a lot of money and travel half way around the world to be a volunteer. You are very valuable working from your home country! Here at Supreme, we have decided to open our project up for people who are able to donate time and skills, instead of just money.

You can make a real contribution and in return we can write you a reference letter and endorse you on your online professional profile.

Supreme Ambassadors

Would you like to be a Supreme Ambassador? You can help by raising awareness of menstrual health in your home country and educating people on the need for proper menstrual and reproductive health and hygiene globally, especially for women and girls in low and middle income countries. You can do this via social media, meetup groups, talks at schools and universities or any other platform you can think of.  

Another field of interest is exploring the possibilities of selling our reusable sanitary pads to secondary schools and eco shops with a donor structure attached (every pad sold will contribute to our menstrual and reproductive health education), and the set up of partnerships with like minded organizations in your home country. 

We are looking for people who understand the importance of menstrual health and see the value of local production of reusable sanitary pads in a country as Malawi.

If you have more technical skill you think could benefit the project, please have a look at skill sharing

Please send a message to: describing your motivation and ideas.


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Of course, we also greatly appreciate any financial contribution to assist our ongoing menstrual and reproductive health training and education programme for women and girls in Malawi, if you would like to make a donation go here.